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Research Solutions

Using Tools of the Trade

At Research Solutions, Inc., in Brookfield, Wisconsin, our marketing team designs and executes qualitative and quantitative research projects that achieve specific, defined objectives.
A Team of Professionals
A team of fully briefed, experienced principals from Research Solutions works on your project from start to finish. This approach gives you the benefit of more than one perspective during planning, design, execution, analysis, and reporting. Another advantage to this approach is that more than one principal is always ready to step in and lead the project in the event of unanticipated contingencies.
We Do It All
We take care of everything: planning, development, design, implementation, execution, analysis, and reporting of results. We not only design and implement the surveys, moderate the groups, analyze the data, and write the reports, but we also handle the recruiting, the respondents, the website hosting, the phone logistics, the facility details, the data entry, and all the behind-the-scenes essentials that make up your specific research project.
Qualitative Tools:
    • Focus Groups
    • Mini Groups
  • Ethnographic
  • Individual Interviews
Quantitative Tools:
    • Surveys 
    • Conjoint Analysis
  • In-Home Testing
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Central Location
Team Consulting
Our tools are implemented nationally and internationally and are available for all market research projects. We do interviews in person, over the phone, during trade shows, through video conferencing, and even online. Our work is specific and thorough, resulting in the best solution for your company's situation.
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